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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Biography of Megan Mayer. A Current Student In the Bridge Program

My name is Megan Mayer. I have come a long way on my journey towards finding what I truly want to devote my life to; I have changed my mind innumerable times as to what I wanted to major in. After flip flopping between fashion, business, psychology and literature, I ended up in a biology class where I was truly enamored by the beauty and complexity of living organisms. 

I never thought that I could actually pursue a degree in anything science related-- I felt it was too hard and too taxing and that it was only for students who wanted to devote 8+ years of their lives to education. By mere accident, I enrolled myself in the Bridge to Biotechnology program at City College of San Francisco and have found myself on an exciting path towards a meaningful career. 

An associates degree in Biotech for me will open many doors towards something I believe will contribute to scientific advances. I feel passionate for everything I am learning, and the teachers are wonderful-- they make the learning fun and very clear. I now truly feel connected to something bigger than myself, and I cant wait to see where this journey leads me.

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